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IB5978156592673890000 Book ISBN code
Title:User Friendly:
Author:J.D. Illiad Frazer
Preface by Eric S. Raymond
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IB5978020161622453495 Book ISBN code
Title:The Pragmatic Programmer
Author:Andrew Hunt
Foreword by Ward Cunningham  Preface by David Thomas
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IB5978156592000290000 Book ISBN code
Title:LEX and YACC
Author:John R. Levine
Tony Mason  Doug Brown
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IB5978156592149890000 Book ISBN code
Title:Programming Perl, 2nd Edition
Author:Larry Wall
Randal L. Schwartz
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IB5978156592692990000 Book ISBN code
Title:The Lego Mindstorms Robots
Author:Jonathan B. Knudsen
Mike Loukides (Editor)
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IB5978156592152890000 Book ISBN code
Title:Learning GNU Emacs, 2nd Edition
Author:Debra Cameron
Eric S. Raymond  Bill Rosenblatt
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Pepsi-Cola Company, The -- Pepsi -- Soda Cola Diet -- Soda Cola Diet
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