WebQcat web-based barcode scanner
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WebQcat is a small web application that can easily create a printable or archivable report on a list of items (especially books) scanned with a CueCat.
- Sample output
- SourceForge project page
- By Micah Dowty

- Source code (v1.01)
- Everything (as of Oct 1 2000)

Hardware Info
- HaveBlue's page
- (local mirror)

More software
- UScan (much more flexible than WebQcat. If you only need to scan one code at a time, this is the place to be)
- 666Pack's Verified :CueCat Mirror Database

- Jay Maynard's :CueCat page
- Open Source CueCat Software/Drivers

More by this author
- PicoGUI
- Kiwi
- Spelling Activities
- homesoftware.com

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Look up book information from Barnes and Noble
Look up the best price for books at bestbookbuys.com
Look up other products at dcnv.com

Version 1.01 is up October 1, 2000
Version 1.01 of WebQcat is running on this site and available for download! I implemented John Galt's suggestion for speeding up the dcnv.com lookups, added Fawad Halim's bestbookbuys.com code, and added checkboxes to enable and disable the different types of lookups.

WebQcat lives! September 30, 2000
Early this morning I posted the first working version of WebQcat. Since then, I have updated this web site a bit and recieved a few mirrors! This version does a good job of scanning books with valid ISBN codes and linking back to Barnes and Noble. Barcodes other than ISBN numbers are looked up using the database at dcnv.com but the code to do this currently runs very slowly. Anyone that knows a bit about networking code and perl might want to take a look at the source.

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